On translating slogans, sayings and proverbs

Observation and curiosity are features inherent to the personality of the translator. We are sure that more than once you’ve questioned you translation – or the not translation-the title of a movie, a book or an advertising campaign slogan.

In the case of the slogans, many are those who already they are part of the popular use, such as: L’ OrĂ©al, because you’re worth itJust do itImpossible is nothingRed bull gives you wingsThere are things that money can’t buy… for everything else, MastercardI’m loving itIt is not what I have, it is what I am, etc. And it is that we are in the era of globalization, which makes companies want to export their products increasingly to markets farther away culturally. But this issue is a problem when it comes to the design of a good advertising campaign:internationalize or make a local adaptation?

There will be occasions in which the strategy is not to translate the slogan; However, in others, we will have to adapt to the target culture. But and if we had to translate the saying forty may not you take off the coat, the appointment Ande I hot, laughing people or the phrase take the bull by the horns? Given its evident cultural component, how do translate them? Where should we search? We would find an equivalent? And if we decide not to translate and explain its meaning, would you have the same impact in the target language? How to solve, then, these translation problems?

If you do, or you like to devote yourself to advertising or literary translation, if you’re careful and you like a job well done, this is your course! Wording in translation online course (in > is or FR > is). You will learn to identify the phraseological units in the source text and find its equivalent – if I had you – in the target text, offers a bibliography necessary to document yourself and it will teach you the strategies of translation of phraseological units that you find.